Honda Perfect Attendance Car Giveaway

The 2021 Honda Perfect Attendance Car Giveaway is an opportunity for WCSD seniors to win a new car at the end of the school year courtesy of Bill Pearce Courtesy Honda.

Rules and Eligible Criteria:

High school senior on track to graduate;
Enrolled in a WCSD school for the entire year;
No AEL, CT, CTL, DOM, ISS, MED, RWY, SUS, SUS3 and UNV absences for the entire year;
Only (2) CIT, CTAB, EMD, FCA, HDE, (any combination) in any one given period;
Only (1) AUK Absence for the entire year;
No disciplinary actions during the entire year, (minor or major);
Must have a full schedule.
The Car Giveaway will be held virtually on Thursday, June 24th at 10:00 AM via Facebook Live on Alice Reno or Bill Pearce Honda. Selected student is required to attend media event June 24th at 1:00pm. Student must be present to win!

If you have any questions regarding your attendance, please contact your school administrator of attendance. All attendance questions must be cleared by the last day of school.

Student Accounting Contact: Shannon Yoelin