Get Rid of Those Unsightly Scratches, Swirls

September 5th, 2019 by

Paint scratches happen and there’s almost no avoiding them.

Maybe the driver next to you carelessly opened a door and dinged your vehicle. Or perhaps a runaway shopping cart that’s the culprit. Minor scratches can occur from pebbles kicked up by a street sweeper or big rig.

There’s good news. Those unsightly scratches can be dealt with in your driveway or garage.

How to go about removing or minimizing damage?

For instance, repairing a scratch that only penetrated the clear coat will be easier than concealing a deeper wound that goes all the way to the metal, according to Michael Schultz, senior vice president of product development for Turtle Wax.

Car care companies like Turtle Wax sell clear coat pens, devices that can be used to apply a thin layer of clear coat to a scratch.

“Trace the scratch with the clear coat pen, fill the scratch in completely and allow it to dry,” Schultz said.

Swirl marks and light scratches are often the easiest to remove, and can be done with special compounds developed by car care experts.

Schultz offers some tips for getting rid of those unsightly scratches yourself.

Wash and dry your vehicle. You’ll have the best results if you start with a clean, dry surface.
Gauge the depth of the scratch. A white scratch means only the clear coat was penetrated. A deeper scratch–one that goes to the metal–typically requires the use of a touch-up paint.
Follow the contours of the scratch is using a clear coat pen. Shake the pen well before use, then gently use a soft sanding pad to smooth the area.
Read and follow the instructions. Go slow and be thorough.

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