A Fit for Perfect Attendance

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Senior’s attendance wins her a Honda Fit in Reno

June 18, 2013   |

Washoe County superintendent Pedro Martinez, left, joins Honda Fit winner Anna McFarlane and the owners of Courtesy Honda, John and Sandy Raffealli.

Washoe County superintendent Pedro Martinez, left, joins Honda Fit winner Anna McFarlane and the owners of Courtesy Honda, John and Sandy Raffealli. / Provided by Mark Carey. Written by Anna Henry, Special to the RGJ
there's Pedro Martinez, Trustee John Mayer and Trustee Barbara McLaury. I'm assuming the rest are family members, but I will ask Zach (co-worker who took the pictures).
Pedro Martinez, Trustee John Mayer and Trustee Barbara McLaury along with family members.

For the fifth straight year, Bill Pearce Courtesy Honda in Reno donated a new car to give away at the “Fit for Perfect Attendance” event held last Saturday. This year, North Valleys High School salutorian Anna McFarlane was the lucky winner.

Nearly 130 Washoe County high school seniors with outstanding attendance were eligible this year to enter the drawing for a 2013 Honda Fit. This program was organized by the dealership and its sponsors to encourage students to stay in school.

“It was my husband John’s idea to start this event,” said Courtesy Honda owner Sandy Raffealli. “He was an educator before, so he knows how important it is for students to stay in school.”

Raffealli said the couple believes that attending school every day allows students to become more successful.

“You can’t learn anything if you’re not at school,” she said. “Going to class every day teaches kids life skills and prepares them for a job in the future.”

McFarlane had not missed a day of school all year and graduated second in her North Valleys class.

The program has had a positive impact on the community and  has succeeded by motivating students to go to school, Raffealli said.

“Several administrators came up to us during the event and said that they were seeing increased attendance at their schools,” Raffealli said. “I believe we all have a responsibility to help out the schools and it is our goal to continue to support education.”

Win This!


It’s back to school time and Bill Pearce Courtesy Honda is giving away another Fit for Perfect Attendance.  All Washoe County high school seniors are eligible…all you have to do is go to school…everyday!  You could be driving away in a new, 2013 Honda Fit from Bill Pearce Courtesy Honda.  Please see your school counselor if you have any additional questions and good luck!




Click here to see The Official Rules of this contest.


“A Fit For Perfect Attendance” Contest Winner Chosen


The hard work of one high school senior is paying off after he won a car Saturday for perfect attendance.Damonte Ranch High School student, Anthony Herd, was the winner of a new Honda Fit, thanks to the Bill Pearce Courtesy Honda dealership.
“It feels crazy,” Herd told Channel 2 News. “There’s just no words to explain it because I just didn’t know if I would win or not.”It’s all part of the “A Fit For Perfect Attendance” contest, sponsored by Channel 2 and Bill Pearce Honda. Eligible students completed the school year with perfect attendance.
The dealership tells us this contest has come a long way.”Before we started, there were about 20 kids that had perfect attendance,” said Sandy Raffealli, co-owner of Bill Pearce Courtesy Honda. “This year, we have about 136. So, we’re really excited about that. That’s a big increase.”
Anthony tells us it’s important to go to class. Otherwise, you miss out.”When you miss class, you have to make up things,” he said. “I’m a more hands-on person to school and stuff like that.”
After graduating from high school, Anthony says he wants to go into the Air Force and get into the integrated avionics field.

Congratulations to him!